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X-Carrier IWB magazine pouch

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The X-Carrier is a magazine holster for inside-the-waistband carrying. It is worn concealed on the inside of the trousers, behind the belt or in the trouser pocket. The X-Carrier magazine holder is non-slip, robust and comfortable to wear, both when moving and when sitting or standing.

Optimize your set-up

The IWB magazine pouch ensures maximum contact area of ​​the index finger for smooth loading of the handgun. The X-Carrier consists of two separate Kydex plates that fit precisely to the magazine body. It was designed to optimize the drawing process as much as possible.


  • Individually adjustable pulling resistance of the Magholder
  • Deep cutout for maximum index finger contact when pulling the magazine
  • Robust and shockproof
  • Various mounts for perfect concealment of the magazine holder
  • Can be worn with or without a belt
  • Also suitable for mounting in your pocket
  • for left and right shooters
  • Ergonomic shape which makes wearing it barely noticeable
  • Minimal thickness of the X-Carrier due to millimeter-precise fit between assembly and Kydex
  • Mirrored shape, optimized for use by both right- and left-handed people
  • Made from Kydex
  • Resistant to sweat
  • Available with 45mm clip or UltiClip mounting

Special offers

The X-Carrier has a deep cutout in the index finger area so that you can easily grip the magazine - from the moment you first touch it. In addition, it can be used by both right- and left-handed people by simply re-mounting the mount.


The X-Carrier is available for the following magazines:

Manufacturer Model
Glock Glock 9mm/.40/.357/.380
Glock 10mm/.45 Auto/.45 GAP (not for G36)
Glock 36
Glock 43
Glock 43X/48
HK45/USP .45/Mark23
SIG P226
SIG P365 (P365 XL)
CZ P10F 9mm/CZ75 SP-01 Shadow/Shadow 2/TSO
TS2 (Bronze/Green)
Steyr L9-A1/L9-A2
Beretta APX
92X Performance
Walter PDP
PPQ .45 Auto
Canik TP9
Smith & Wesson M&P9 M2.0
FN Herstal FNX-45 (FNX-45 Tactical)
Taurus TX22
1911 1911

The pulling resistance for each magazine can be adjusted using the adjusting screw on the X-Carrier.


Is an IWB clip or Ulticlip the right mount for me?

Are you unsure about the installation? No problem - we are happy to answer any questions you may have. Depending on your requirements, one or the other mounting method may be more beneficial for you. In the video above and in the next question, the different mounting methods and their advantages are explained.

Which carrying style is the IWB clip suitable for?

The IWB clip is designed for carrying with a belt. This plastic clip is mounted over the belt and a barb ensures that the Kydex magazine pouch stays in place when drawn. Compared to the UltiClip, the X-Carrier with IWB clip can be attached more quickly.

Which wearing style is the UltiClip suitable for?

The UltiClip is made of metal and, unlike the IWB clip, is not attached to the belt but directly to the waistband. It is less conspicuous in comparison, as it can be "hidden" under the belt. It also offers the possibility of carrying the magazine holster in other places, such as in the trouser pocket.

Is the X-Carrier magazine holder suitable for left- and right-handed shooters?

The mag carriers are designed differently depending on whether you are left- or right-handed or a shooter.

  • Right-handed = Right-handed shooter = Shoots with the right hand and pulls the magazine with the left hand
  • left handed = Left-handed shooter = Shoots with left hand and pulls the magazine with right hand
X-Carrier IWB magazine pouch
X-Carrier IWB magazine pouch
X-Carrier IWB magazine pouch
X-Carrier IWB magazine pouch
X-Carrier IWB magazine pouch
X-Carrier IWB magazine pouch
X-Carrier IWB magazine pouch


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