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BLACK TRIDENT's flagship is our OWB all-rounder: "THOR". The holster is light and robust at the same time and is therefore recommended as a tactical holster or for sport shooting. Ideal for use or training on the range. This holster can be combined with various mounting systems.

The features at a glance:

  • Light and robust
  • Cold-resistant
  • Impact resistant
  • Flame retardant
  • Easy-care
  • Low maintenance
  • Pull resistance individually adjustable
  • Secure locking and optimal hold
  • Compatibility with popular carrying systems such as Safariland QLS, Blackhawk, Blade-Tech or G-Code
  • RedDot compatible
  • Looping aid implemented in the design
  • Compatibility with laser/light module optionally selectable

What components does the Thor Holster consist of?

To order your complete setup, we recommend that you select the following from the drop down menus.

  • Bladetech Duty-Drop & Offset Mount OR Mid-Ride Dropleg Bridge
  • Bladetech TMMS Kit Small
  • Leg loop

With the TMMS system, you are optimally prepared for the future. Once purchased, you can attach as many holster models as you like using the mounting plates on the Blade Tech Duty-Drop & Offset mount.
This allows you to switch between holsters in a very short time. The so-called "inner" is mounted on the holster itself and the "outer" is mounted on the duty drop & offset assembly.
So if you buy another holster from us in the future, you only have to buy the corresponding inner.
Thanks to our self-developed Multimount, all of our Thor holsters are compatible with this system.

Your model not listed? Special color?

If you haven't found your model in the selection, you can use our product configurator. There you will also find colors that we don't offer here in the online shop, such as Star Wars motifs, Punisher and much more! Click here to go to the product configurator.

Made for you

At Black Trident, each holster is made individually and specifically for our customers. Each individual holster is customized exactly to your requirements (light/laser module, assembly, color).

We do not produce holsters in stock. We ask for your understanding that returns of products are therefore not possible. However, if something does not fit, we will of course fix it. No worries when shopping with us.

Do you work for a government agency? Members of government agencies receive an exclusive 10% discount on the products we make at Black Trident. To redeem the government agency discount, please send us an email to and enclose a copy of your valid ID card. We will then send you an individualized discount code.

Black Trident. Special purpose gear.

Black Trident Thor Holster made of Kydex

The Black Trident Thor Holster is the perfect choice for tactical and sport shooting. It is a classic OWB (Outside The Waistband) holster made of dimensionally stable Kydex, which offers you a variety of mounting options. This holster will accompany you throughout your life: red dot sights, silencer sights, open muzzle design, extended slide releases and more features. We have already thought of everything you want to put on your pistol.

Cold Hard Facts about your Thor Holster

  • Outside-The-Waistband Holster for tactical / sport shooting
  • Various mounting options and mounting heights
  • Compact & feature-rich design
  • Compatible with all red dot pistol optics available on the market
  • Silencer Sights Ready (up to 11mm above slide)
  • Compatible with Extended Slide Releases
  • Free magazine release button (unloading the weapon while holstered is possible)
  • Open muzzle design for threaded barrels, compensators & Co.
  • Individually adjustable pulling resistance
  • Made from US-Made Kydex. Made to last a lifetime

Structure of the Thor Holster & mounting options

The Thor Holster has a sophisticated drilling system. In general, holsters are divided into

  • High-Ride = Belt height
  • Mid-Ride = Mid-Ride, holster is positioned approximately 10cm down from the belt edge. (recommended)
  • Low-Ride = Just above the knee.

Quick-change systems such as the BladeTech TMMS or the Safariland QLS system can be mounted between the holster and the mounting platform and allow quick switching between different holsters or weapon systems.

How To Order

We do not have any stock items. Each holster is made to order based on your selection from the drop-down menu. You will receive a notification as soon as your holster is ready for shipping or collection.

Scope of delivery

  • 1x Black Trident Thor Holster of your choice
  • 1x assembly of your choice

FAQs Thor Kydex Pistol Holster

What mounting does Black Trident recommend for the Thor Holster?

There is no general "best mounting option". It always depends on your intended use. However, we can give you a recommendation. Choose one of the following options:

  • BladeTech MidRide Duty Drop & Offset + TMMS quick change system + leg loop
  • Safariland CUBL 6070 + QLS + leg loop (leg loop optional)

What is BladeTech TMMS or Safariland QLS System?

These are so-called quick-change systems. They are mounted between the holster and the mounting platform. This allows you to quickly remove your holster from the mounting platform or switch between holsters/weapon models.

Which mount manufacturer is better? Safariland or BladeTech?

In terms of quality, the two manufacturers are on par with each other when it comes to the material used. As a shooter, you just have to choose a system. Similar to the operating system on your cell phone. You can't install Android apps on an iPhone and vice versa.

What do I need the leg loop for on Mid-Ride systems?

The leg loop on Mid-Ride systems limits the degree of freedom of movement of the holster to the side in dynamic situations. You can of course also use your Mid-Ride system without a leg loop.

Is the Black Trident Thor Holster compatible with red dot optics?

Yes, the Black Trident Thor Holster is compatible with all red dot optics available on the market. Even optics like the Trijicon SRO (protrudes further forward than the standard optic cut).

Is the Black Trident Thor pistol holster compatible with compensators or threaded barrels?

Yes. The Thor pistol holster has an open-muzzle design, which means that attachments that are longer than the weapon itself can be accommodated. Please note that in order to protect the threaded barrel of your weapon, for example, the holster must be ordered in a longer version. Example: Glock 17 with threaded barrel => Glock 34.

Can the Thor pistol holster also be used with gloves?

Yes! When designing it, we made sure that you can immediately create a full grip pattern even when wearing gloves. There is about 30mm of space between the edge of the holster and the handle.

Is the Thor Holster suitable for concealed carry?

No. It is a pistol holster that was clearly designed for open carrying of your weapon.

Is the weapon securely in the Thor holster? Can it fall out?

The Thor holster is a so-called "Level 1" holster. This means that the weapon is held in the holster purely by the pulling resistance, which is built up by surface pressure on the contours or surfaces of the weapon. You can do anything with the Thor holster. If you primarily find yourself in situations where you run the risk of a stranger ripping the weapon out of the holster, you can use our Thor Duty+ holster (available HERE) with additional security. The Thor Duty+ holster was developed for emergency services. Not everyone needs the additional thumb security of the Thor Duty+. Think about your intended use

I would like to order a Thor holster with a light. Will the holster fit without a light?

No. A Kydex holster is like a glove for your weapon. It is precisely tailored to the external shape of your pistol. Each holster is made exactly according to your selection.

Weapon + large laser/light module. Is it normal that I "could" reach the trigger

Yes. Light modules that have a larger outer shape in particular must have a corresponding and suitable light channel. Otherwise you will not be able to holster or pull out your weapon. This effect can occur especially when the light modules are "wide". The decisive factor is the relative distance between the trigger guard and the width of the light module. Logical - right?

Will holstering cause abrasion marks on my weapon / damage the coating?

Weapons are tools. At certain points on the weapon or attachments (trigger guard, bolt, laser light modules, etc.) abrasion marks can appear at so-called "retention points". These are contours where surface pressure is built up. Your weapon will develop abrasion marks through repeated holstering. Use your equipment.

Is the Black Trident Thor Holster compatible with silencers?

No. The Thor Holster cannot accommodate muzzle attachments that are larger than the standard outer contour of the slide of the weapon itself. Compensators or muzzle brakes that do not exceed the outer contour of the weapon will work.

I ordered my holster yesterday – what happens next?

We do not have any stock. Each holster is made to order based on the selection you make in the dropdowns. Pay attention to the delivery time information on our website. You will receive a tracking number or a pickup notification as soon as your holster is ready. Calling us every day will not make it any faster. We do not favor anyone. Every customer deserves the best service.

For which weapons is the Thor Holster available?

Manufacturer Model
Glock G17 Gen 3-4 (Fits G19/G22/G23/G25/G31/G32)
G34 Gen 3-5 (also fits G35)
G17 Gen 5 (Fits G19/G19X/G44/G45)
G22 Gen 5 (also fits G23 Gen5)
G20 SF / Gen 4 (also fits G21)
G40 Gen4 MOS (Fits G41)
G48 without Rail (Fits G43X without Rail)
G48 with Rail (Fits G43X with Rail)
HK P30
P30 L (Fits P30 SD)
SFP9 (Fits SFP9 M)
SFP9 L (Fits SFP9 SD)
SFP9 Match OR
HK45 Tactical
P8/USP 9mm/.40 S&W (Fits USP Custom Sports)
USP .45 Auto
USP Expert 9mm/.40 S&W
USP Elite 9mm/.40 S&W
USP Expert .45 Auto
USP Elite .45 Auto
USP Tactical .45 Auto
Mark 23
SIG P226 without rail
P226 (Fits AL SO BT/Legion/LDC-2/RX/Scorpion)
P226 MK25 (1913 Picatinny Rail)
P226 X5 (Classic/Supermatch/Allround/SO)
P226 X6 (Classic/Supermatch/PPC)
P320 Full Size (Fits P320C/M17/M18/Xcarry Legion/AXG Pro/Nitron/RXP/X-VTAC/Spectre/AXG Scorpion)
P320 X5 (Standard/Legion)
SIG P365 XL (Fits P365)
CZ P10F 9mm (Fits P10C)
P10F SR 9mm (also fits P10C SR)
CZ75 SP-01 Shadow (also fits Shadow Mamba)
Shadow 2 (Fits Shadow 2 SA/OR/Urban Grey/Orange)
Tactical Sports Orange (TSO)
TS 2 - Deep Bronze
TS 2 - Green
Steyr L9-A1 (also fits M9-A1 / C9-A1)
L9-A2 (also fits M9-A2 / C9-A2)
Beretta APX
92X Performance
Walter PDP Full Size/Compact 5" (Fits 4.5"/4"/Compact 4.6" OR Pro SD)
PPQ Classic PS 4" (also fits PPQ M2 PS 4"/Q4)
PPQ M2 Q4 TAC (Fits also PPQ Navy PS 4.6" SD)
PPQ Q5 Match OR 5" (Fits Q5 Match Champion OR 5"/ PPQ M2 5")
PPQ Q5 Steel Frame OR 5" (Fits Champion/Expert/Black Ribbon/Black Tie/Black Diamond/Patriot/Q4 Steel Frame)
Canik TP9 SF (Fits TP9 SF Elite)
TP9 SFx (Fits TP9 SFT / TP9 SFx Rival)
TP9 Elite Combat
FN Herstal FNX-45
FNX-45 Tactical
Arex Defense Arex Zero 1
Arsenal Firearms Stryk B
Smith & Wesson M&P9 M2.0 4"(Fits 3.6"/M&P40)
M&P9 Shield Plus
M&P9 Shield (Fits M&P40 Shield)
M&P9L M2.0 (Fits M&P40L)
Ruger Mark IV Tactical
Thor Holster (OWB)
thor holster für Pistolen aus Kydex Material für Polizei, Militär und Sportschützen, IPSC.
Thor Holster (OWB)
thor holster für Pistolen aus Kydex Material für Polizei, Militär und Sportschützen, IPSC.
Thor Holster (OWB)
Thor Holster (OWB)
Thor Holster (OWB)
Thor Holster (OWB)
Thor Holster (OWB)
Thor Holster (OWB)
Thor Holster (OWB)
Thor Holster (OWB)


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