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Quasimodo Holster (IWB)

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Black Trident Quasimodo Holster

This holster is the go-to solution for closed carry purists. The Black Trident Quasimodo Holster is an IWB (Inside the Waistband) holster optimized for minimal volume and comfort for concealed carrying of your weapon under clothing. The holster is particularly characterized by its "hump" on the back of the holster and the asymmetrical shape to minimize contours. This integrated concealment wedge of the Quasimodo (pun intended) ensures maximum concealment and comfort when carried appendix carry.

The Concealment Wing presses against the waistband/belt from the inside, bringing the handle closer to the body. The result: less "print" on clothing.
The combination of maximum comfort and specialized functionality makes this holster your perfect daily companion. Various mounting points allow you to attach a wide variety of mounts, adapted to your intended use or your clothing.

Features of the Quasimodo IWB pistol holster

  • 100% compatibility with red dot sights
  • Raised sight channel for silencer sights
  • Inside-The-Waistband Holster for concealed carrying
  • Various mounting options
  • Variable mounting height and angle
  • Compact & feature-rich design
  • Wedge on the back of the holster for optimal comfort (Appendix Carry)
  • Integrated Concealment Wing
  • Compatible with Extended Slide Releases
  • Individually adjustable pulling resistance
  • Made from US-Made Kydex

    Viking vs. Quasimodo

    The Quasimodo holster is the specialist for concealed carry, designed for users of compact or subcompact pistols. It is full of carefully thought-out, long-tested, integrated features. Integrated - that means they are fixed and cannot be changed or customized. (This is why the Quasimodo holster is not available for all light modules.)
    If you don't want to give up individuality and optionality, and also carry standard-sized weapons with larger light modules inside the waistband, then we recommend our IWB generalist: the Black Trident VIKING HOLSTER

    Overview of mounts Quasimodo IWB pistol holster

    The way you mount your holster depends a lot on your clothing and your preferences. Some mounts require a belt, while others work with mechanisms similar to suspenders. You can find an overview of the mounts in the table below.


    Angle adjustable

    Belt mounting / clamp mounting

    Fat Jenny Clip (40 & 45mm)


    Belt mounting

    IWB Clip (40 & 45mm)


    Belt mounting

    UltiClip 3.3 Slim


    Clamp mounting



    Clamp mounting

    Soft Loops


    Belt mounting

    DCC Monoblock Yes Belt mounting

    Scope of delivery Black Trident Quasimodo Holster

    • 1x Quasimodo holster of your choice
    • including selected assembly

    FAQs about the Quasimodo IWB Holster

    Why is the Quasimodo not available for my weapon / laser light module?

    We only sell tested weapon-laser-light combinations that make sense. This holster is for IWB purists for whom inconspicuousness is the top priority. The smaller the weapon and laser light module, the better. There are no special designs for the Quasimodo. Sorry.

    Which mounting does Black Trident recommend for the Quasimodo holster?

    There is no general "best mounting option". It always depends on your intended use. We are big fans of UltiTuck/UltiClip, as this type of mounting can be hidden under the belt or works without it. But that doesn't mean that the other mountings are "bad". Your clothing and mission determine this.

    Is the Black Trident Quasimodo Holster compatible with red dot optics?

    Yes and no, the Black Trident Quasimodo IWB Holster is compatible with almost all red dot optics available on the market. Even optics like the Trijicon SRO (stands further forward than the standard optic cut). BUT

    Is the Black Trident Quasimodo pistol holster compatible with compensators or threaded barrels?

    Yes. The Quasimodo pistol holster has an open-muzzle design that allows for attachments that are longer than the weapon itself. The holster is manufactured to the length you select.

    Which light modules are recommended for IWB Concealed Carry?

    With Inside The Waistband Carry, less is more. Remember: The pistol is carried with the holster between your pants and your body. Therefore, opt for small light modules that have a small size ratio in relation to the trigger guard width and light width. Streamlight TLR7 / TLR8 (available HERE) or Streamlight TLR7 sub (available HERE) are a good choice for Concealed Carry

    Can the Quasimodo pistol holster also be used with gloves?

    Yes! When designing it, we made sure that you can immediately create a full grip pattern even when wearing gloves. There is about 30mm of space between the edge of the holster and the handle.

    Is the weapon securely in the Quasimodo holster? Can it fall out?

    The Quasimodo holster is a so-called "Level 1" holster. This means that the weapon is held in the holster purely by the pull resistance, which is built up by surface pressure on the contours or surfaces of the weapon. You can do anything with the Quasimodo holster. This holster is built for comfort and safety.

    I would like to order a Quasimodo holster with a light. Will the holster fit without a light?

    No. A Kydex holster is like a glove for your weapon. It is precisely tailored to the external shape of your pistol. Each holster is made exactly according to your selection.

    Weapon + large laser/light module. Is it normal that I "could" reach the trigger

    Yes. Light modules that have a larger outer shape in particular must have a corresponding and suitable light channel. Otherwise you will not be able to holster or pull out your weapon. This effect can occur especially when the light modules are "wide". The decisive factor is the distance between the trigger guard and the width of the light module. Logical - right?

    Will holstering cause abrasion marks on my weapon / damage the coating?

    Weapons are tools. At certain points on the weapon or attachments (trigger guard, bolt, laser light modules, etc.) abrasion marks can appear at so-called "retention points". These are contours where surface pressure is built up. Your weapon will develop abrasion marks through repeated holstering. Use your equipment. No safe queens here.

    Is the Black Trident Quasimodo Holster compatible with silencers?

    No. The Quasimodo holster cannot accommodate muzzle attachments that are larger than the standard outer contour of the slide of the weapon itself.

    I ordered my holster yesterday – what happens next?

    We do not have any stock. Each Quasimodo holster is made to order based on the selection you make in the dropdowns. Pay attention to the delivery time information on our website. You will receive a tracking number or a pickup notification as soon as your holster is ready. Calling us every day will not make it any faster. We do not favor anyone. Every customer deserves the best service.

    Quasimodo Holster (IWB)
    Quasimodo Holster (IWB)
    Quasimodo Holster (IWB)
    Quasimodo Holster (IWB)
    Quasimodo Holster (IWB)
    Quasimodo Holster (IWB)
    Quasimodo Holster (IWB)
    Quasimodo Holster (IWB)
    Quasimodo Holster (IWB)
    Quasimodo Holster (IWB)
    Quasimodo Holster (IWB)
    Quasimodo Holster (IWB)
    Quasimodo Holster (IWB)


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