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Color – Black

The Black Trident IV Sleeve is the solution for organizing infusions and the necessary medical devices. Everything is no longer packaged individually - but everything in a compact package. The semantically logical arrangement of the medical devices helps you to clearly instruct others in the care process what you need or to work accordingly yourself. The integrated height-adjustable suspension allows you to use objects in your surroundings as attachments. Or - your colleague/assistant, who can then hand you all the products you need at the same time and have both hands free. The time is running. And you are ahead with the IV Sleeve.

Time = saving lives in an emergency

Especially in medical emergencies, minutes can matter. The IV Sleeve arranges all the necessary elements for connecting an infusion in a semantically logical sequence, thus enabling quick and uncomplicated use in an emergency. With the medical devices, it represents a complete set that can be used immediately if required. No more searching from different pockets in your medic bag.

The features of the Black Trident IV Sleeve at a glance

  • All medical devices required to provide a patient with an infusion are arranged compactly and logically in one place
  • Enables simple instructions from bystanders who can support the emergency doctor
  • Efficient arrangement for processing the infusion algorithm
  • Height-adjustable loop for hanging the IV sleeve on surrounding objects or around the neck of a bystander
  • Adaptable to different bottle/bag dimensions (500ml to 1000ml)
  • Elastic tabs and loops for organizing medical devices
  • Mounting options for stowing additionally required medical products (e.g. irrigation, etc.)
  • Sufficient space to place heat pads between IV sleeve and infusion bag/bottle

Why IV Sleeve? The story behind the idea

The IV Sleeve solves a specific problem when using infusions. Almost every emergency doctor has experienced the following story in one variation or another:

When they arrived at the scene, the emergency doctor immediately recognized that an infusion was necessary to keep the patient alive. It was a cold and windy day. He was on site with colleagues who were still rather inexperienced. The individual medical devices were organized and structured in his medic bag. In order to proceed quickly, it was necessary to involve his colleagues. The following difficulties arose:

  • Personnel use - one person only held the IV bag and could not assist further
  • Instructing others who were not specialists in what was needed from the medic bag required explanation, time and active attention from the emergency doctor, such as "give me... from specialist... looks like... font color... it says on it ..."
  • Wind and weather made the situation (medical products in a kidney cup, etc.) difficult to care for the injured.

This product reflects our mission to develop solutions that the market actually needs and improve people's lives.

Why the IV Sleeve saves lives

Without IV sleeve With IV sleeve
  • Distribution of first aid products for infusions in different compartments of your medic bag
  • Difficulties in instructing bystanders/colleagues who are not specialists
  • Someone has to hold the IV bottle/bag
  • Improvised solutions with adhesive tape etc. impair function, repeatability, etc.
  • Wind and weather can render unfixed medical devices unusable
  • All the medical devices you need to place an infusion in one place
  • Simple instructions for bystanders/colleagues to assist in handing over medical devices
  • Efficient use of human resources
  • Administering infusion alone possible
  • Increased attachment of the IV sleeve to surrounding objects
  • Wind and weather-independent attachment of medical devices in elastic loops and compartments

Scope of delivery IV Sleeve

  • 1x IV sleeve according to color selection
  • Includes NiteIze carabiner for height-adjustable suspension

The IV sleeve is delivered without contents (= WITHOUT infusion bag, plaster, etc.)

Legally protected design & function

Legally protected design & function. Commercial imitations and counterfeits are always prosecuted. Licensed production for royalty fees.

Legally protected Design & Function. Start having your own original ideas. Licensing possible. To Imitators & Copycats: YES we sue.

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Black Trident® IV Sleeve ©
Black Trident® IV Sleeve ©
Black Trident® IV Sleeve ©
Black Trident® IV Sleeve ©
Black Trident® IV Sleeve ©
Black Trident® IV Sleeve ©
Black Trident® IV Sleeve ©
Black Trident® IV Sleeve ©
Black Trident® IV Sleeve ©
Black Trident® IV Sleeve ©
Black Trident® IV Sleeve ©
Black Trident® IV Sleeve ©
Black Trident® IV Sleeve ©
Black Trident® IV Sleeve ©
Black Trident® IV Sleeve ©
Black Trident® IV Sleeve ©
Black Trident® IV Sleeve ©
Black Trident® IV Sleeve ©


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