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Black Trident® Single Malt Whiskey

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Black Trident Single Malt Whiskey

Summer is almost here and there is nothing better than sitting around the campfire with old friends on a summer evening and philosophizing about life. Because time is precious, you should always make it special. Pour yourself a glass of Black Trident Whiskey and toast to life together.

Our single malt consists of 100% light roasted barley malt (with hot air at 85 degrees). Whiskeys made from malted barley are typical of Scotland or Ireland. 41% vol. alcohol. Made in Austria.

Where does whiskey get its taste?

Whiskey gets its flavors from the BASIC PRODUCT (rye, rye malt or barley malt), the production (mashing process, distillation device) and most of it from the storage (storage in oak barrels made from local Austrian oak). The water used is also very important. Our distillery has its own source.

For those in the know among us

Color : iridescent straw yellow
Nose : Gentle and almost restrained, it opens with a subtle sweetness and notes of vanilla and lemon peel. The expression is powerfully grainy and malty and over time develops a balanced scent of violets and fine caramel, mint and also chocolate.
Palate : fine, round melting with a juicy sweetness of nutmeg, quince jelly but also stone fruit and dried apricot
Aftertaste : sounds fine and delicate – honey, caramel or toffee fairy. Lies gently, is accessible and very focused - clearly structured.

Sales only possible in Austria

The Black Trident Single Malt Whiskey is initially only available in Austria (legal barriers).

Use alcohol responsibly

The idea for our whiskey came from the thought that we all have a lot to talk about in the coming summer nights around the campfire in the open air. Our whiskey is for connoisseurs. Cigar, whiskey, good friends, lots of stories - what more could you want? Cheers.

Under no circumstances should you drive under the influence of alcohol, handle firearms or do other things that could endanger yourself or those around you. There is also an absolute ban on alcohol at the shooting range - whether before or after.

Black Trident® Single Malt Whiskey
Black Trident® Single Malt Whiskey


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