SureFire Titanium Plus EDC

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Do you want to always carry a powerful and reliable flashlight with you? Then discover the Surefire Titan Plus, your ultimate keychain flashlight that makes no compromises on performance and design. With an impressive luminosity of up to 300 lumens, the Surefire Titan Plus exceeds all expectations of an ultra-compact, multifunctional LED flashlight. Its robustness and ease of use make it the ideal companion for your everyday life as well as for outdoor adventures.

Product highlights Surefire Titan Plus

  • Maximum performance : The Surefire Titan Plus reaches a maximum brightness of 300 lumens, ideal for any situation, from everyday tasks to emergencies.
  • Three lighting modes : With three adjustable lighting modes, the lamp adapts seamlessly to your needs – from subtle lighting to maximum brightness.
  • Durability : Made from high-quality, nickel-colored brass, the Titan Plus is not only a visual highlight, but also extremely durable.
  • Ease of use : Thanks to the simple twist mechanism, the lamp can be easily turned on and off and switched between modes.
  • Compact and portable : Designed as an ideal keychain flashlight, the Surefire Titan Plus accompanies you everywhere without appearing bulky or taking up unnecessary space.
attribute Details
High performance 300 lumens
Runtime High 1 hour
Peak beam intensity 1,100 candelas
Batteries One AAA NiMh (incl.)
Switching Rotate the bezel ring to activate
length 3.375 inches (8.6 cm)
Average performance 75 lumens
Duration Medium 2 hours
Low performance 15 lumens
Runtime Low 7 hours
distance 66 metres
construction Brass
finish Nickel-plated brass
Weight with battery 2.0 oz (58 g)
Bezel diameter 0.58 inches (1.47 cm)
Protection against ingress of liquids IPX7

Surefire Titan Plus EDC Lamp

Whether you are looking for a reliable light source for your nighttime walks, need a versatile lamp for your outdoor expeditions or simply want a durable lamp for everyday use - the Surefire Titan Plus meets all the requirements for your EDC.
Complement your EDC (Everyday Carry) with the Surefire Titan Plus and experience luminosity that won't let you down.

Now available for those who value quality, brightness and durability.
SureFire Titanium Plus EDC
SureFire Titanium Plus EDC
SureFire Titanium Plus EDC
SureFire Titanium Plus EDC


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