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Nine Reloaded Pistol Magazine Speedloader

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None is faster to use and better to set up than the Nine Reloaded Speedloader. With its interchangeable inserts for different pistol magazines, it is an absolute game changer when it comes to time efficiency when reloading magazines. Unloading is also easy, with the integrated unloading tooth.

With the speed and flexibility of the Nine Reloaded, every range day becomes an effortless outing, with far less time spent inserting each cartridge individually. With its compact size it is also perfect for small range bags.

Features of the Nine Reloaded Magazine Speedloader

  • Compact small
  • Interchangeable inserts for various magazines (link)
  • Loading strips for ammunition packs
  • Loading hopper for bulk packs
  • Unloading tooth for quick unloading
  • Durable metal parts
  • Made in Austria

Scope of delivery Nine Reloaded Speedloader

  • Nine Reloaded loading aid/speed loader
  • Adapter piece for 9mm GLOCK double row magazines (Alpha Adapter)
  • Loading hopper
  • operation manual


Glock 9x19mm, double stack (and similar); BUL Armory AX FS/C

Available inserts for different magazines




CZ 75 (incl. CZ Shadow 1/2, P-01, SP-01, 75 compact, 75 omega, etc.); Tanfoglio SF; B&T (etc-a1, mk-II, etc-p); Canik (TP9); Phoenix Redback


SigSauer P226/P228/P229; Walther PPQ M2 / PDP / Q5 SF


SigSauer P320/P250; S&W M&P 9


CZ P-10 (incl. P-07, P-09, excl. P-10M)

HERE you can find the individual additional adapters

Nine Reloaded Pistol Magazine Speedloader
Nine Reloaded Pistol Magazine Speedloader
Nine Reloaded Pistol Magazine Speedloader
Nine Reloaded Pistol Magazine Speedloader


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