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HUNTER EDITION | Raven Kydex Holster

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Raven Hunting Holster for Tracking & Kill Shot

Many hunters often carry a handgun alongside their hunting rifle. Catch shots, tracking - of course hunters try to avoid this scenario as much as possible. Despite the highest hunting efforts, these scenarios cannot be ruled out. After being injured, game often retreats to areas where it is difficult or impossible to use long weapons. Dense undergrowth, closely spaced rows of trees, etc.

Close to the body, compact & safe against loss

The Raven Holster is a holster that is worn on the belt and is characterized by its compact, body-hugging shape that mimics the hip. Close to your body, it does not press even when you are sitting at the hunting stand for a long time. It can also be secured with an elastic paracord that is pulled over the slide from the front. This means that nothing can get lost even during dynamic tracking.

Cold, hot, rain, snow - indestructible

The Raven Holster is made of Kydex, just like all our other holsters. Kydex, a plastic, offers clear advantages compared to classic leather holsters:

  • Resistant to all environmental influences
  • Clear design and protection of the trigger
  • Safe retrieval star due to rigid design
  • Impact, break and fire resistant
  • Lightweight and robust, low maintenance
  • Protection against mechanical impact

Features Raven Kydex Holsters Hunter Edition

  • Pull resistance individually adjustable
  • Integrated shockcord security
  • RedDot compatible
  • Looping aid implemented in the design
  • Compatibility with laser/light module optionally selectable
  • Secure locking and optimal hold

    Additional assemblies

    You can get the Raven Holster with either flat belt loops or J-hooks for belts with a width of 40 or 45 mm. If you would like to add more mounts to your order, you can find them individually here:

    Your model not listed? Special color?

    If you have not found your model in the selection, you can use our product configurator. Click here to go to the product configurator .

    Made for you

    At Black Trident, each holster is made individually and to order for our customers. Each individual holster is customized exactly to your requirements (light/laser module, assembly, color). We do not produce holsters in stock. We ask for your understanding that product returns are therefore not possible. If something doesn't fit, we will of course fix it. No worries when shopping with us.

    Black Trident. Special purpose gear.

    For which weapons is the Raven available in the Hunter Edition?

    Manufacturer Model
    Glock G17 Gen 3-4 (Fits G22/G31)
    G19 Gen 3-4 (Fits G23/G25/G32)
    G26 Gen 3-4 (Fits G27/G28/G33)
    G17 Gen5
    G19 Gen 5 (Fits G19X/G44/G45)
    G26 Gen5
    G22 Gen5
    G23 Gen5
    G27 Gen5
    G20 SF / Gen 4 (also fits G21)
    G29 SF /Gen 4 (Fits G30)
    G30 S
    G40 Gen 4 (Fits G41)
    G43X without Rail
    G43X with Rail
    G48 without Rail
    G48 with Rail
    HK P30
    P30 L (Fits P30 SD)
    P30 SK
    SFP9 (Fits SFP9 M)
    SFP9 L (Fits SFP9 SD)
    HK45 Tactical
    P8/USP 9mm/.40 S&W (Fits USP Custom Sports)
    USP9 Compact
    USP .45 Auto
    USP Tactical .45 Auto
    Mark 23
    SIG P226 without rail
    P226 (Fits AL SO BT/Legion/LDC-2/RX/Nitron/Elite)
    P226 MK25 (1913 Picatinny Rail)
    P320 (Fits M17/Xcarry Legion/AXG Pro/Nitron/RXP/X-VTAC)
    P320C (Fits M18/Nitron/RXP/Spectre/AXG Scorpion)
    CZ P10F 9mm
    P10C 9mm
    P10F SR9mm
    P10C SR 9mm
    Steyr L9-A1
    Beretta APX
    92X Performance
    Walter PDP Full Size/Compact 5"
    PDP Full Size/Compact 4.5" (Fits Compact 4.6" OR Pro SD)
    PDP Full Size/Compact 4"
    PPQ Classic PS 4" (also fits PPQ M2 PS 4"/Q4)
    PPQ M2 Q4 TAC (Fits also PPQ Navy PS 4.6" SD)
    PPQ Q4 Steel Frame 4"
    Canik TP9 SF (Fits TP9 SF Elite)
    TP9 Elite Combat
    TP9 Sub-Elite
    HUNTER EDITION | Raven Kydex Holster
    HUNTER EDITION | Raven Kydex Holster
    HUNTER EDITION | Raven Kydex Holster
    HUNTER EDITION | Raven Kydex Holster
    HUNTER EDITION | Raven Kydex Holster
    HUNTER EDITION | Raven Kydex Holster
    HUNTER EDITION | Raven Kydex Holster
    HUNTER EDITION | Raven Kydex Holster
    HUNTER EDITION | Raven Kydex Holster
    HUNTER EDITION | Raven Kydex Holster
    HUNTER EDITION | Raven Kydex Holster


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