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HMRB - "Hold My Red Bull" holster

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Anyone who fills all of their pockets, mag carriers and pouches with magazines and ammunition is usually preparing for a problem (or maybe several). One of these is definitely energy storage and/or its supply. All of this stuff weighs a bit. To ensure energy supply even under the toughest conditions, there is the Black Trident HMRB (Hold My Red Bull) Carrier.

Whether you're giving your buddy a quick high-five before jumping out of the C130 without a parachute or proving to the major that the personnel carrier can easily do 80 km/h in reverse, this Austrian export hit deserves a suitable place on your range belt.

The features of the "HMRB" Red Bull Holster

  • Individually adjustable pulling resistance
  • Shape optimized for the drawing process
  • Available for left and right handed users
  • Available with different mounts
  • Different colors to match your equipment
  • Adjustable pulling angle
  • Available in different colors
  • Holster aid for easier holstering
  • Recommended mounting: Tek-Lok

You can find more inspiration on when to say "Hold My Red Bull" in the popular online forum Reddit r/holdmyredbull .

scope of delivery

  • 1x HMRB holster of your choice

Optional: Assembly

HMRB - "Hold My Red Bull" holster
HMRB - "Hold My Red Bull" holster
HMRB - "Hold My Red Bull" holster


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