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FAST™ FTC 30mm by UNITY Tactical

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Color – Black

FAST™ FTC 30mm from Unity Tactical

The FAST™ FTC (Flip-to-Center) is an innovative magnifier holder with a folding mechanism. With this mechanism, the magnifier is stored below the optical viewing plane and completely at the edge of the weapon body when not in use. This means that the FAST 30mm is no longer bulky.

UNITY™ Tactical's FTC technology replaces the flip-to-side placement of older products, allowing users to take full advantage of the magnifier when needed, without snagging or blocking the field of view when not in use.

The ultimate load out

You may now be asking yourself: Should I expand my setup further? - Oh yes, we want it Gucci. Build another UNITY FAST™ MICRO for Aimpoint Micro Footprint ( available HERE ) or a FAST™ OPTIC RISER for EOTech platforms and optics with lower 1/3 Co-Witness (available HERE) on your rifle - then your optics will fit perfectly.

    Features & Hard Facts

    • 6.73cm x 3.68cm x 8.13cm (unfolded) or 5.51cm (folded)
    • Easy installation with FAST™ QD Lever
    • FTC (Flip-to-Center) technology
    • faster target acquisition image

            Mounting type

            FAST™ QD Lever

            Operator Manual

            You can download the illustrated operating instructions for how it works HERE .


            1. What magnifiers is the Unity Tactical FAST™ FTC 30mm compatible with?
            Most 30mm magnifiers.

            2. What is the difference of Flip to Side and Flip to Center Magnifier Mount?
            The difference to the normal FTS (Flip to Side) mount is that the FTC (Flip to Center) mount is not folded to the side, from top to bottom. When the magnifier is folded away, the field of vision when aiming is not impaired.

            3. Can I assemble the magnifier assembly myself or do I have to go to a gunsmith?
            Yes, easy. Thanks to the simple assembly and the included assembly instructions, installation is possible for everyone.

            4. Can I use the FTC 30mm with an Aimpoint Magnifier with my UNITY FAST EOTech Riser?
            Yes, it is possible since they are the same height.

            More articles from Unity

            Black Trident already has a number of products from Unity Tactical that are compatible with each other and can pimp your gear even more when used together.

            product Description
            FAST™ OPTIC RISER HERE The optical center height of your rifle scope increases to 5.74 cm thanks to the Optic Riser. Allows for faster, more comfortable target acquisition, especially when wearing a headset, night vision goggles, gas mask or plate carrier.
            FUSION™ MICRO HUB 2.0 HERE FUSION attaches all components to a single position on the weapon's Picatinny rail, allowing for a compact, consistent set-up of accessories.
            FUSION™ LIGHT WING adapter HERE The FUSION Light Wing provides a forward or rear cantilevered mounting point for a weapon light with a Surefire Scout footprint. It is available in both right and left variants. Ideal combination with FUSION Micro Hub .
            FUSION™ Backup Iron Front Sight - Folding HERE FUSION's folding sight offers users of the FUSION Micro Hub a low profile front iron sight option. In use it sits at the regular “F” height and is compatible with standard rear BUIS from other manufacturers.
            FAST™ MICRO HERE The mounting block optimizes the position of the rifle scope. Allows for faster, more comfortable target acquisition, especially when wearing a headset, night vision device, gas mask or plate carrier. Including back-up steel sights.
            VFG™ for M-LOK® HERE The Unity Tactical VFG is the perfectly sized, vertical foregrip for M-LOK handguards. Its contour offers improved grip from all sides. Can be used as a hand stop AND as a vertical handle.

            SPARK™ Marker Light  HERE

            SPARK is a very small personal identification/marker light. It is a discreet addition to helmets, plate carriers, chest rigs or any item that requires illuminated visual identification.

            FAST™ FTC 30mm by UNITY Tactical
            FAST™ FTC 30mm by UNITY Tactical
            FAST™ FTC 30mm by UNITY Tactical
            FAST™ FTC 30mm by UNITY Tactical
            FAST™ FTC 30mm by UNITY Tactical

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