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Double Mag Carrier

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Black Trident Double Mag Carrier

The rate of fire when shooting, whether for sporting or official purposes, drops rapidly when you have to rummage around in your pocket for the next magazine after each one. For those who are serious about their craft, every second counts when reloading.

The Black Trident Double Mag Carrier offers you a unique hip-contoured shape that maximizes comfort and brings your magazines as close to your body as possible. To top it off, it has a range of mounting options that allow you to adapt it to your mission.

The features at a glance

  • Made from durable Kydex
  • Close-fitting design with a shape that mimics the hip contour
  • Magazine can be inserted in both directions (suitable for left- and right-handed shooters)
  • Separately adjustable pull resistance per magazine
  • Various mounting options can be retrofitted

Your setup - your assembly

The Black Trident Double Mag Carrier has a series of countersunk hole markings on the rear and front. These mounts are available from us and are compatible with our Double Mag Carrier:

  • Malice Clips
  • 40mm belt loop angle
  • 45mm belt loop angle

For optical reasons, only those holes are drilled for which you have selected the mounting. If you want to buy additional mounts separately and adjust your setup accordingly, you can drill the holes yourself through the countersunk markings on the inside of the Kydex plates (required drill size 5mm or 5.5mm).

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The mag carriers are designed differently depending on whether you are left- or right-handed or a shooter.

  • Right-handed = Right-handed shooter = Shoots with the right hand and pulls the magazine with the left hand
  • left handed = Left-handed shooter = Shoots with left hand and pulls the magazine with right hand

Not mass-produced. Made for you.

At Black Trident we do not have a stock of Kydex products due to the large variety of products that you can order from us. Each holster and mag pouch is made to order for you according to your specifications regarding color and assembly. We therefore ask for your understanding that Kydex products cannot be returned for a refund of the purchase price.

Government discount

Do you work for a government agency? Then you will receive an exclusive 10% discount on the order value. What you need to do: Send us a photo or copy of your ID card (front and back) to We will then send you your personal discount code, which you can then redeem at checkout. Please note that the government discount can only be credited BEFORE you place your order .

Double Mag Carrier
Double Mag Carrier
Double Mag Carrier
Double Mag Carrier
Double Mag Carrier
Double Mag Carrier


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