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Black Trident® Chest Holster Harness Platform

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Attention: scope of delivery only includes assembly. Holster sold separately.

Made for outdoor people

The Black Trident Chest Harness is the ultimate way to carry a weapon with you when hiking, hunting, camping, backpacking or any other outdoor activity where carrying the weapon on your hip is impractical. The central positioning of the holster on the chest allows you quick access, even when wearing thick winter clothing or when traveling in a vehicle. With the Black Trident Chest Harness you make no compromises when it comes to comfort or your choice of handgun a (compatible with Thor & Thor Duty+ holster series, optionally available with TMMS quick-change system).

Chest Harness for Thor & Thor Duty+ Holsters

The design of the chest harness allows you to draw your weapon from a comfortable angle. The platform on which the holster is mounted is on dimensionally stable T100 Kydex. The chest harness can be adjusted to your body using the elastic straps so that the weapon and harness stay in place. Your Thor / Thor Duty+ holster can either be screwed directly to the chest harness or can be connected via the TMMS quick-change system (optional). When it comes to choosing your weapon, the Chest Harness gives you maximum flexibility.

Chest holster harness features

  • Chest mounting platform made of dimensionally stable US-made Kydex-T
  • Elastic straps for individual adjustment to your body
  • Compatible with Thor / Thor Duty+
  • Drawing angle adjustable via mounting holes on holster (Thor / Thor Duty+)

Box contents: chest holster harness

1x Chest Harness Platform (Color: Black)

Optional accessories that can be selected separately (make your selection in the drop-down)

1x TMMS quick change system set (1x inner + 1x outer; incl. mounting screws; 1 mounting part for holster, 1 mounting part for chest harness platform)

1x TMMS Outer (is attached to chest harness; if you already have a Thor / Thor Duty+ holster with TMMS quick-change system)

1x screw sets for direct mounting of your Thor/Thor Duty+ holster on the chest platform (mandatory for Thor Duty+ direct mounting)

Black Trident® Chest Holster Harness Platform
Black Trident® Chest Holster Harness Platform
Black Trident® Chest Holster Harness Platform
Black Trident® Chest Holster Harness Platform


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