Collection: Thor OWB holster made of Kydex

Black Trident THOR holster made of Kydex

The Thor Holster is the most popular holster model at Black Trident. It is particularly suitable for tactical and sporting shooting. The pulling resistance can be individually adjusted to your needs using adjustment screws. The Thor holster is available for a wide variety of models and light laser module combinations.

Made to order

At Black Trident we live custom. We have over 700,000 Kydex holster variants. Every holster that leaves our production is made-to-order. No off-the-shelf products and tailored precisely to your selection.

Kydex colors - the choice is yours

We offer the largest color selection on the market when it comes to Kydex holsters. You can find an overview with pictures of the available colors on our configurator page. Click HERE for the color overview.

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3 products