Field post shipments

Would you like to bring Black Trident Gear with you for use abroad? Of course it works for us. Please read this guide before placing your order.

Black Trident Feldpost International War

Tax exemption & government discount for field postal shipments

Field post shipments are generally tax-exempt . The postal receipt with reference to the field post office serves as proof of export.

Tax exemption is only possible if there is proof that the package was sent to a field post office. It is therefore not possible for you to order to a field post address but for a comrade to come and collect the order locally from us.

Since you are obviously deployed abroad with a military postal address, you get a 10% government discount at Black Trident.

How do I order military mail when deployed abroad?

Unfortunately, automatic tax exemption through assignment of field post offices is not possible with our current shop configuration. This is how you can still get your tax-free field mail:

  1. Add all the items you would like to order from us to your shopping cart
  2. Go to shopping cart
  3. Create a PDF printout or a screenshot of the shopping cart overview
  4. Send us the PDF printout / screenshot to including the following data:
  • First name + last name
  • Field postal address

In the next step, we will create the order for you including tax exemption and government discount. You will then receive an email with which you can complete your purchase using your preferred payment method (Paypal, credit card, bank transfer).

We look forward to your order and wish you all the best in your service! Thanks!

Best regards,

Your Black Trident team