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Malice clips including mounting screws

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Malice clips are one of the most popular assemblies when it comes to attaching equipment to Molle or laser cut systems. These "Fight Light" Malice Clips save weight through recesses on the sides without affecting the strength. These clips are completely weather-resistant and won't let you down in the desert or on your Arctic mission.

Malice clip assembly features

  • Fight Light version
  • Lower weight with consistent strength
  • Made in the USA
  • Secure closure

Malice clips long or short?

The short version of the Malice Clips is suitable for mounting most equipment in the horizontal position. The long Malice clips are best suited for vertical mounting of equipment such as the Trauma Burrito to Molle platforms - anywhere you need a large mounting surface.

Malice clips fit

  • IWB Single Mag Carrier (available HERE)
  • OWB Double Mag Carrier (available HERE)
  • Black Trident SNUS Carrier (available HERE)

These Malice Clips are compatible with the following 'Bla

scope of delivery

  • 2x Malice clip of your choice (short OR long)
  • 1x mounting screw set
Malice clips including mounting screws
Malice Clips Montagen zum Anbringen von Ausrüstung an Molle- oder Lasercutsystemen
Malice clips including mounting screws
Malice clips including mounting screws


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