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HUNTER EDITION | Thor Kydexholster

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Thor Holster "Hunter Edition" for hunting

The Black Trident Thor Holster has become a favorite not only among sports shooters but also among hunters in recent years. The Hunter Edition of the Thor Holster offers you the opportunity to carry your handgun safely with you. Just like the "Hunter Edition" of our Raven Holster (AVAILABLE HERE), the Thor Holster has an elastic shock cord that is placed around the handle, which protects against loss while hunting (alternative: Thor Duty+ with mechanical safety AVAILABLE HERE ).

Cold, hot, rain, snow - indestructible

The Thor holster is made of Kydex, just like all our other holsters. Kydex, a plastic, offers clear advantages compared to classic leather holsters:

  • Resistant to all environmental influences
  • Clear design and protection of the trigger
  • Safe retrieval star due to rigid shape
  • Impact, break and fire resistant
  • Lightweight and robust, low maintenance
  • Protection against mechanical impact

Features Thor Holster "Hunter Edition"

  • Pull resistance individually adjustable
  • Shockcord fuse
  • RedDot compatible
  • Looping aid implemented in the design
  • Compatibility with laser/light module optionally selectable
  • Secure locking and optimal hold
  • Compatibility with popular carrying systems such as Safariland QLS, Blackhawk, Blade-Tech or G-Code

What components does the Thor Holster consist of?

To order your complete setup, we recommend that you select the following from the drop down menus.

  • Bladetech Duty-Drop & Offset Mount OR Mid-Ride Dropleg Bridge
  • Bladetech TMMS Kit Small
  • Leg loop

Total assembly price: €79.90. With the TMMS system, you are optimally prepared for the future. Once purchased, you can attach as many holster models as you like using the mounting plates to the Blade Tech Duty-Drop & Offset assembly. This allows you to switch between holsters for different models or combinations with light in a very short time. The so-called "inner" is mounted on the holster itself. The "outer" is mounted on the Duty Drop & Offset assembly. So if you buy another holster from us in the future, you only have to buy the corresponding inner. Thanks to our self-developed Multimount, all of our Thor holsters are compatible with this system.

Your model not listed? Special color?

If you have not found your model in the selection, you can use our product configurator. Click here to go to the product configurator.

Made for you. Not mass-produced.

At Black Trident, each holster is made individually and to order for our customers. Each individual holster is customized exactly to your requirements (light/laser module, assembly, color). We do not produce holsters in stock. We ask for your understanding that product returns are therefore not possible. If something doesn't fit, we will of course fix it. No worries when shopping with us.

Black Trident. Special purpose gear.

For which weapons is the Thor Holster in the Hunter Edition available?

Manufacturer Model
Glock G17 Gen 3-4 (Fits G19/G22/G23/G31/G32)
G17 Gen 5 (Fits G19/G19X/G44/G45)
G22 Gen 5 (also fits G23)
G20 SF / Gen 4 (also fits G21)
G40 Gen4 MOS
Glock 48 without Rail (Fits G43X without Rail)
Glock 48 with Rail (Fits G43X with Rail)
HK P30
P30 L (Fits P30 SD)
SFP9 (Fits SFP9 M)
SFP9 L (Fits SFP9 SD)
HK45 Tactical
P8/USP 9mm/.40 S&W (Fits USP Custom Sports)
USP .45 Auto
Mark 23
SIG P226 without rail
P226 (Fits AL SO BT/Legion/LDC-2/RX)
P226 MK25 (1913 Picatinny Rail)
P320 (Fits P320C/M17/M18/Xcarry Legion/AXG Pro/Nitron/RXP/X-VTAC/Spectre/AXG Scorpion)
CZ P10F 9mm (Fits P10C)
P10F SR 9mm (also fits P10C SR)
Steyr L9-A1 (also fits M9-A1 / C9-A1)
L9-A2 (also fits M9-A2 / C9-A2)
Walter PDP Full Size/Compact 5" (Fits 4.5"/4"/Compact 4.6" OR Pro SD)
PPQ Classic PS 4" (also fits PPQ M2 PS 4"/Q4)
PPQ M2 Q4 TAC (Fits also PPQ Navy PS 4.6" SD)
HUNTER EDITION | Thor Kydexholster
HUNTER EDITION | Thor Kydexholster
HUNTER EDITION | Thor Kydexholster
HUNTER EDITION | Thor Kydexholster
HUNTER EDITION | Thor Kydexholster
HUNTER EDITION | Thor Kydexholster


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