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Black Trident®

Black Trident® Trauma Burrito IFAK - inner part

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Color – Black

Your individual trauma management

The Black Trident®Trauma Burrito is one of the most innovative Individual First Aid Kits (IFAK) on the market. It is designed to hold all the necessary medical supplies and is constructed in such a way that the contents cannot be bent - because when stored it is rolled, not folded. The two dust flaps largely protect the contents from external influences. In addition, every medical device can be removed with one hand without anything that is not being used falling out. This makes handling the IFAK, and therefore first aid, much easier for you - in every situation, especially at the shooting range or in action.

A burrito like no other

At Black Trident® Trauma Burrito is a two bag system. The inner cover is used to hold medical equipment and can be used with different outer covers for specific missions.
The outer shell is both a protective cover and assembly so that it can be attached to any piece of equipment.
Because our Trauma Burrito is as individual as you are, we have created several outer shells (AVAILABLE HERE) . This means you can wear the inner part in the outer shell you want, depending on the mission.

Quick access to your IFAK

The access loop is colored red for better visibility. A neon red “Patients Lanyard” is also integrated so that the IFAK can be hung around the patient's neck when being transported - or attached to the surrounding area.

The outer shells with various mounting options

Kangaroo Drop Burrito (AVAILABLE HERE) If you want to mount your TRAUMA Burrito on your plate carrier.

Range Belt Burrito

With two loops to make threading your belt easier. The space between the loops allows additional equipment to be attached - for example a CML  (AVAILABLE HERE) behind the IFAK. Velcro prevents slipping.


With a special hole pattern for mounting with 45mm - like the Malice Clips from Black Trident  (AVAILABLE HERE) or Low Profile Mount   (AVAILABLE HERE) - can be mounted and are therefore compatible with MOLLE.

Fanny pack burrito (AVAILABLE HERE) The Fanny Pack Burrito is ideal if you want to transport your first aid equipment regardless of clothing or equipment. Built like a bum bag, it can be worn alone or in addition to any gear.

Don't do things by halves when it comes to your life!

The Black Trident® Trauma Burrito consists of two separately available components :
1. One of 4 different outer covers (AVAILABLE HERE) that attaches to the equipment and
2. an inner part that houses your medical devices

Cold Hard Facts

  • Variable adjustment of the size to the content
  • Wrinkle-free absorption of at least 2 chest seals
  • Holder for patient and schema cards (A5 folded)
  • Mount for Cyalume Sticks ( AVAILABLE HERE ) at the top, for coverage in low light conditions
  • Freely configurable spots for medical equipment
  • Space for all necessary first aid products
  • “Patients Lanyard” to secure the inner pocket on the patient during transport
  • Provided with Velcro surfaces to allow attachment to the various outer covers
  • Suitable for left and right handed users
  • Velcro area on the outer cover for patches (blood group, unit, etc.)
  • Made from 500D Cordura laminate
  • Available in different colors to match your equipment
  • Dimensions: approx. 170 (L) x 100 (W) x 80 (H) (When equipped: 1x Chest Seal, 1x Israeli Bandage, 1x Combat Gauze, 1x Compressed Gauze, 2x disposable gloves, 1x Needle D' Compression, 1x glow stick, 1x touch-up pen, 1x Wendl tube + gel, 1x patient card, 1x Patients' Lanyard)

scope of delivery

  • 1x Trauma Burrito inner part of your choice
  • 7x cord stoppers
  • 7x 30cm shock cord
  • 1x 120cm paracord (patient lanyard)

The Trauma Burrito is coming WITHOUT medical equipment!

Operator Manual

Here download


What does IFAK mean?

IFAK means Individual First Aid Kit, in German "Individual First Aid Equipment", i.e. the equipment that you design to suit your own needs and therefore pack what you might need in an emergency. It is equipped differently depending on the intended use.

Content of the IFAK

The following configuration of the IFAK can be seen in our example (see product photos):

1x chest seal
1x Israeli bandage
1x Combat Gauze
1x Compressed Gauze
2x disposable gloves
1x Needle D' Compression
1x glow stick
1x touch-up pen
1x Wendl tube + gel
1x patient card
1x Patient's Lanyard
1x scissors 


The Trauma Burrito inner part is available in two basic versions. Depending on your preference, there is the right burrito for both the CABCDE system - which is more common in Austria - and for the MARCH system. The structure of the burrito is the same for both.

Other first aid products from Black Trident

Black Trident already has a range of products for the collection and supply of first aid supplies.

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TFC kit inner part ( HERE ) TFC Kit inner part for holding first aid supplies. Attachment to equipment using TFC Kit outer cover (recommended!)
TFC Kit Outer Cover ( HERE ) TFC Kit outer cover for attaching TFC Kit inner part to the equipment.
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Blood Type Patches ( HERE )
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    Black Trident® Trauma Burrito IFAK - inner part
    Black Trident® Trauma Burrito IFAK - inner part
    Black Trident® Trauma Burrito IFAK - inner part
    Black Trident® Trauma Burrito IFAK - inner part
    Black Trident® Trauma Burrito IFAK - inner part
    Black Trident® Trauma Burrito IFAK - inner part
    Black Trident® Trauma Burrito IFAK - inner part
    Black Trident® Trauma Burrito IFAK - inner part
    Black Trident® Trauma Burrito IFAK - inner part
    Black Trident® Trauma Burrito IFAK - inner part
    Black Trident® Trauma Burrito IFAK - inner part
    Black Trident® Trauma Burrito IFAK - inner part


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