Thor & Thor Duty+ assemblies at a glance

We know it. You are just starting out and are looking for information about the most suitable mounting option for your Thor or Thor Duty+ holster. In this blog article we would like to give you an overview of the following content:

  1. Difference between high - mid - and low - ride assemblies
  2. Holster quick change systems
  3. Overview of the high, mid and low ride mounts available from us
  4. Recommendation of the Black Trident Team
  5. The ultimate video explanation

1) The difference between high-, mid- and low-ride mounts for Kydex holsters

In general, a distinction is made between high-, mid- and low-ride mounting systems. This distinction refers to the mounting height relative to the belt.

  • High Ride Mounts sit at belt height
  • Mid-Ride Mounting approx. 10-13cm below the belt
  • Low Ride Mounts even lower than Mid Ride mounts (just above of knee)

2) Quick change systems for Thor & Thor Duty+ Kydex holsters

All mounts are compatible with the BladeTech TMMS quick change system we offer (similar to Safariland QLS - Quick Lock System). This allows you to quickly switch between different holsters (e.g. holster with light, other weapon, etc.). It is especially useful if you

  • have several different weapons
  • You train with and without a light module and therefore have different holsters that you want to switch between
  • You want to switch between different mounting options

3) Overview of the mounting systems offered by Black Trident

Here is the ultimate overview. Everything you need to know to make your decision.

High Ride mounting systems for Thor Kydex holsters

Tek Lok
  • Can be mounted without having to unthread the belt
  • Quickly put on and take off the holster
  • Secure locking mechanism prevents loosening
  • Possibility to attach the holster at an angle
BladeTech Paddle Assembly
  • Mounting (paddle) is clamped between waistband and hip
  • Barb engages with belt (adjustable to different widths) and ensures secure hold of the holster
  • Easy to attach and remove the holster
  • Can also be used without a belt
BladeTech ASL Belt Mount
  • Classic belt mounting
  • Installation by inserting the belt into the loops provided
  • Adaptable to different belt widths

Mid Ride mounting systems for Thor Kydex holsters

Black Trident currently offers two different mid-ride assemblies to offset delivery difficulties from manufacturers caused by Covid19 and to guarantee delivery capability for customers.

BladeTech Duty Drop & Offset Mid-Ride Mount
  • Move the holster approx. 10cm from the bottom edge of the belt towards the heel.
  • Possibility to mount the holster at an angle.
  • There is a recess for mounting the leg strap.
  • Compatible with belts up to 50mm (2" inch) wide.

Low Ride mounting systems for Thor Kydex holsters

BladeTech Thigh Mount
  • Move the holster approx. 20-30cm from the bottom edge of the belt towards the heel.
  • Type of "deep-draw holster" like in American war films
  • Possibility to attach additional equipment (magazine pouches, knife sheath, etc.) in addition to the holster
  • Adjustable thigh strap (included in set)
  • Can be easily removed via buckle
  • Not suitable for sprinting, etc.
  • Often used when a lot of time is spent in vehicles, etc.

4) Recommended setup of the Black Trident Crew

- BladeTech Mid-Ride DDO + TMMS quick change system + leg loop

This is our recommendation when it comes to tactical and sporting shooting and it is not a problem that the weapon is openly visible. This moves the weapon down about 10cm from the belt, which makes the process of drawing the weapon easier. The quick-change system allows you to buy other mounts independently (eg BladeTech ASL belt mount).

All-rounder when mounted on Kydex holster

In general, you should choose your mount according to your preferences and intended use. For example, if you want to "hide" your Thor holster under your thick winter jacket, it makes little sense to choose a low-ride system. In this case, high-ride would be the way to go - i.e. a belt mount.

We hope that this guide has helped you with your selection. If you have any questions, please write to us via Facebook, Instagram or email. We will be happy to help you.

5) Video explanation of the Thor & Thor Duty+ & Loki montages

Best regards,

Wolfgang von Black Trident